Constant efforts, a good dose of integrity and a strong corporate culture have led to the creation and continued growth of Distribution Regitan, a full-service distributor of Montreal. In business since 1920, Regitan embarked on the confectionery wholesale, offering its products to stores from a truck. For more than 95 years Distribution Regitan has remained in the family, but has prospered and grown. Today, we are one of the largest independent full-service food distributors in Quebec. We offer a large amount of top-quality food and a variety of national brands.

We continue to prosper by following the family rules that Mr. Kozlick and Mr. Tobenstein, president of the company has instilled: hard work, hire the right people and demonstrate integrity with our suppliers, customers and our staff.

Our mission is to continue our growth and to become a multiservice destination for all retailers in Quebec, large or small. We are committed to providing a wide range of quality products, maintain a level of flawless customer service, and offer a complete service at competitive prices.