Our SUPER RÉGIPRIX circular is a promotional tool used by our partners and manufacturers. The circular color gloss finish launched over two decades ago and is delivered…



At Distribution Regitan, we strive to provide our few thousands retail clients everywhere in Quebec, a unique value proposition to business. Whether it is a pharmacy…



Distribution Regitan gives a whole new dimension to the idea of the supplier-wholesaler partnership. As a retail distributor we work closely with our suppliers. We always try to…


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Awards and achievements

Supplier Excellence Award

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ESSO Supply chain Excellence award for Canada

Retail distributor of the year

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In recognition of the support and exceptional dedication in the pursuit of ITWAL marketing goals and objectives

NACDA Lifetime Achievement Award

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In 1969, Mr. Tobenstein had just started a family and was exploring options in the business world, when his Father-in-Law asked him to join the family business founded in Montreal in 1920. For the next four decades he helped grow the business and develop his team to be among the best in the industry.

He did it with skill, humor, elegance and no doubt a lot of sweat, and yet through all these years of struggle and toil he has maintained a level of graceful calm that seems makes him forever young and still a tower of strength today – to his colleagues, his family, his friends and to industry peers across the country.